What is Crypto Mining ? How can I get started ?

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Mining is a distinct industry in the realm of cryptocurrencies. But, while not all crypto-currencies are mined, we shall see that it is, above all, an activity that has grown exceedingly competitive and necessitates complex prior calculations to estimate its profitability.

What exactly is mining?

Cryptocurrencies began as decentralized payment systems. The issuance of these currencies, as well as their choices, are not made by a central bank or a single participant.

Mining is the activity of recording transactions on a blockchain using computer technology to make them unchangeable. The protocol of the currency in question typically provides reward for those who perform this critical job in the form of producing new units of the cryptocurrency in question.

Mining is the process of recording transactions on a blockchain using computer equipment and making them unchangeable.

Every miner competes with the others. To record a new block of transactions in the blockchain, a cryptographic challenge requiring a large amount of computational power must be solved. The first computer to solve the issue validates these transactions and earns the award. This award is frequently distributed among all machines that contributed to the solution’s discovery.

How do I mine?

To mine, simply install software on a computer that will use the processor, graphic card, or both to solve the aforementioned cryptographic issues. The more powerful the computer, the greater the mining capacity, and hence the better the likelihood of solving the problem.

To mine, you must install software on a computer that will solve cryptographic issues using the processor, graphics card, or both.

The assessment of profitability can be rather complex: you must include the cost of purchasing the hardware, the cost of electricity, the price of the mined cryptocurrency, and possibly the time spent setting everything up.

Individuals find it too difficult to mine the major cryptos.

In 2009 or 2010, this configuration might be quite profitable, but by 2013, devices called ASICs specialized for this work were arriving on the market, significantly more efficient and profitable than the most powerful PC.

The ecosystem has changed, and today, large cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are too difficult to mine for a single individual. The industry has grown very professionalized and competitive. The main players are generally entrepreneurs who hire massive hangars and install tens of thousands of ASICs.

Individuals can no longer mine Bitcoin because it has become too difficult. The industry has grown very professionalized and competitive.

Ethereum has attempted to avoid this professionalization by employing an algorithm that ASICs find difficult to learn. But that isn’t a problem. Entire warehouses are also crowded with computers, each with five or six of the most powerful graphics cards to mine Ethereum.

However, an individual can still mine and earn bitcoins in this manner. Mining pools are Internet services to which one can connect one’s own mining equipment, allowing one to share the difficulty but also the rewards with other market participants.

However, do not anticipate to make a fortune; it is quite difficult to make a profit in this market when all expenses are included, particularly the electricity required to run these devices.

How might cloud mining help you mine more efficiently in 2021?

Cloud mining allows you to mine bitcoins without purchasing any hardware. The concept is as follows: a corporation has invested in the appropriate mining equipment and gives individuals contracts to “rent” its computing power. Hello and welcome to the age of cloud mining.

Cloud mining allows you to mine bitcoins without purchasing any hardware.

On a worldwide scale, cloud mining firms establish themselves in nations with low electricity prices. At first glance, this appears to be highly advantageous for the individual since he does not have to invest in the necessary equipment, does not have to deal with the inconveniences of mining at home (noise, heat, consumption), and his contract is completed in a few clicks.

But, when you get down to the details, this process is fraught with danger: frauds abound, to the point where the corporation that owns the equipment can cease paying bitcoins or even disappear overnight.

Even in the context of cloud mining, there is no silver bullet. Prior study is required, including determining the company’s seriousness, whether the crypto-currencies on offer are worth mining, and how to do profitability simulations.

The Perils of Centralization

Bitcoin was conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto with the intention of decentralizing the money. Today, the centralization of mining in small businesses is frequently seen as a key threat to the Bitcoin network’s security and stability. While it is true that the key players in mining could join together to cancel specific transactions and pretend they never happened, such an action would be obvious to everyone, and the implications would be enormously harmful for the entire community, beginning with the miners themselves.


If it was formerly possible for an individual to invest in hardware in order to make money from mining, such a proposal is today extremely difficult to maintain, owing to professional players who saturate the market with massive processing power.

We believe that investing in crypto-currencies, whose value can fluctuate quickly enough to provide considerably more substantial gains than mining, is a far better option.

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