House Democrats Pass LGBT Loans and Abortion Drugs for Veterans Bills

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Following an initial conservative veto last week, House Democrats passed two proposals on Thursday.

The LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act was approved by a vote of 252/176, with two abstaining. The Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act was approved by a vote of 245 to 181, with four abstaining.

The LGBTQ bill grants LGBTQ-owned businesses preferential loan treatment, similar to how minority-owned firms are treated. According to Breitbart News, the veterans’ contraceptive bill would provide for “government-funded access to abortion medications through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Last Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to use a mechanism known as “suspension of the rules” to expedite passage through the lower chamber of the United States Congress. To be successful, the method requires a two-thirds supermajority in the House.

To oppose her agenda, House Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and other House conservatives such as Reps. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) and Chip Roy (R-TX), among others, sought a roll call vote in an attempt to get the bills defeated.

Democrats postponed the proposals for Thursday, requiring only a simple majority to pass the legislation. In the case of the LGBTQ law, 33 Republicans sided with Democrats, while 26 Republicans sided with Democrats in the case of the veterans bill.

The Republican Conference was divided on the Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act, with only a tiny fraction of the conference voting in favor of the bill before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and ranking member Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL).

There appears to be disagreement within the party on whether pills like Plan-B and Ella are considered contraception or abortifacients. Republicans, long regarded as the pro-life party, frequently think that life begins at conception. According to research cited by the Family Research Council, drugs like Ella “can cause the destruction of an embryo that is already implanted in its mother’s womb,” which pro-life Republicans would call an abortion, as Breitbart News has reported.

Despite the loss for the pro-life movement, Rep. Rosendale told Breitbart News on Friday that conservatives only lost four Republicans in this week’s re-vote in response to Bost’s effort to support the bill:

We were able to hold the line and only lose four more Republicans because to the efforts of conservatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Bob Goode, and Mary Miller. One hundred and eighty-one of us stood up for life, and I’m damn proud of the result and the effort that went into it. For the second time, the conference has overwhelmingly agreed that taxpayers should not be required to pay for abortifacient medications.

Both proposals must be approved by the Senate before being sent to President Joe Biden’s desk.

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