$3,000 Secret Stimulus has been approved

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$3,000 Secret Stimulus has been approved and will be implemented soon | Has the Fourth Stimulus been approved? 2021 Stimulus.

The stimulus package has been approved by the House and Senate but still may be challenged in the courts to get signed into law. As this article is posted on the Internet, we shall not mention who is to pay or who is to bear the costs (as there have been reports of delays and breakdowns of the promised programs).

However, we shall discuss how this stimulus package of $75 billion will help average Americans. President Obama has called for tax incentives for many business owners that bring their businesses to Main Street, and he wants the creation of more manufacturing jobs to go along with this.

So this is not a bailout for the big corporations, it is simply a bailout for the American consumer. And since Main Street wants the stimulus money, and the big business lobby wants more manufacturing jobs, this deal makes quite a lot of sense.

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